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Title: Photo/Image Issues
Post by: Admin on November 07, 2007, 11:43:03 AM
We have decided to allow Crew-List Members to upload an image on the Crew-List server without charge because we appreciate the value of our users being able to see who they are dealing with. This is especially important for On-Camera Talent of course.

We must however impose a strict limit on both file sizes and image dimensions for a variety of reasons.

The data size limit is primarily to keep page load time at a minimum, and the dimension limits are to maintain uniformity on the pages.

You may upload a Headshot or other photo of yourself, or a Company Logo if you like but Banner Advertising is strictly forbidden!

Any images uploaded which we deem (in our discretion) to be promotional in nature will be removed, and the Member will be subject to possible removal and banning from the system.

Thank you for you cooperation in conforming to our Photo/Image Policies!

We have provided a complete discussion in the IndustryCentral Auctions+ service regarding Internet Images. To view this page Click Here (