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We have completely redesigned Crew List
and will be unveiling our new
Social Media platform in the very near future.

And the best news is that it is absolutely FREE!
* No more of those pesky annual renewal notices... yay!

But we need the help of our valued "Legacy" Members
to insure a smooth migration into the new Platform

Be one of the first fifty to apply, and we will migrate your account ahead of the others and design a beautiful state-of-the-art Member Profile for you...

We have your information from the old database, but it must be updated, so you fill out a form with information leading us to where to find your current data and we do the rest.

Complete with:
  • Your custom Bio and specially formatted Credits (From IMDb or your own resource).
  • Photos lifted from a variety of internet sources you provide such as your Social Media Accounts.
  • up to five Demo videos (hosted on Vimeo or YouTube).
    • Some Facebook or Twitter Videos can be used.
  • The beginnings of your Work Stills Photo Album.
  • PLUS you can modify most everything we have done to your taste now or at any time if the future!

-- OR --

If you prefer, you can sign up for a new account and create your profile for yourself!

Don't be left out!

* Like the original, the New Crew List's infrastructure is based upon the industry's standard budgeting Crew Departments and Job Titles. It is now a true social media platform. Going well beyond the original which was monetized by a modest annual fee, the new platform is entirely Free to all of its members and is supported by targeted advertising geared to the user's interests.

    Get your basic listing today, and then decide on the benefits of FULL MEMBERSHIP.
  • Full Membership at the lowest rates online today!
    Includes complete career details and contact information + tools to help you advance your career not offered anywhere else!
    To learn more, take our tour or login as a guest (see "Test Drive" below).
  • Build Your Crew or Cast List Online
    A Member can select other members from the Database and Save them in his/her own Crew-List. You dont have to be an Employer to take advantage of the many uses for this feature.
  • Profile/Resume's may include a Photo and Demo Reel
    Clickable Member Thumbnails, and Streaming Media Demo Reels
  • Member's Only Messaging System
    Leave a Message for another Member or a Memo to yourself.
  • Select Cast or Crew Members for Interviews.
    Set up Interviews/Meetings from a Your Pre-Selected Crew-List for your Next Show.
  • Multiple Search Options
    Search Combinations incl. Department, Occupation, Member Name, State, or Skills Keyword.
  • Email Public Profiles to Multiple Recipients
    Next time someone needs your Resume NOW, Send 'm Your Profile Link!
  • Calendaring System
    Schedule Pre, Production, and Post. Send Announcements to Crew.
  • Crew Chat Room
    Use the live Chat Room to conduct Online Meetings
  • Members Forum
    Use the forum to discuss upcoming projects, share information about common problems within the Industry, you name it.
  • Refer a Friend or Colleague
    Members receive a 20% Credit against your next Membership Fee for every Paying Member you refer. send just 5 new members, and your renewal is FREE. Send more, and you can make $$$.
  • Registration is Easy
    Fill out one easy form. We'll verify your credits, and your in!
    Check it out!

Want to get an idea of what this is all about?
New Community Calendar We are proud to announce the launching of our Community Calendar!

This system is open to the Motion Picture and Television Community and is a pre-curser to our "Member's Only" Calendar/Scheduling System
Limited Offer
Advantages of Crew-List Membership Visitors Members
Profile Searching Yes Yes
Email Profiles to Others Yes Yes
Full List of Credits   Yes
Build Your Own Crew-List   Yes
Private Messaging   Yes
Retrieve Previous Search   Yes
Calendaring System   Yes
Free Basic Listings include minimal contact information. - All Memberships subject to Terms and conditions.
Full Memberships Start at $29.95 / Yr.
Take a Tour
Preview Features before you Join
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Crew Photo Album On the lighter side..... Check out our
Crew Photo Album

We are building an album of Your Crew Photos.

Then send us yours and we'll add it to the album.
We can even make a link to your profile!
Get a Member Graphic
Want a Crew-List Member Banner or Button for your Homepage and Emails?
Testimonial What they're saying!
"if you haven't done it yet people, I recommend entering your profile into
It's a great way to get your profile and resume out to everybody in the industry,
covering all aspects of crew and talent employment"

Barbara Niven - Actress/Writer
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