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Intro - A few words before we begin!

  • Crew-List.net was formed with a vision of how Industry Professionals will do business in the very near future.
  • Online Industry Databases are opening faster than one can keep track of. In reviewing most of them, it occurred to us that most offered no other service than to allow it's members the opportunity to place some of their contact information and some credits Online and suggest that this will bring them employment. After all that is what we are all after..... isn't it?
  • Well, partly true, so creating a system where the member can present his or her qualifications in a highly accessible and professional format, was our first goal.
  • But then we realized that the power of the Internet could give users the opportunity to have their information interact with valuable tools that could ultimately "Link" them to each other as well as their current and potential employers such as Studios, and Production Companies.
  • We can invision a day in the not too distant future where the Crew-List.net database will be able to interact with production offices, and payroll services, and will streamline the transfer of information.

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