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  • The idea is not to create an enviornment where members are in competition with one another, but to form a COMMUNITY where each member has access to others with whom they can interact in a variety of ways.
  • That Producers, Production Managers, Casting Directors, Agents, Production Coordinators, and Department Heads will make use of the Crew Building and Communication Tools available at Crew-List.net, is a given. But the enterprising rank and file member will take advantage of the tools as well. Collecting a Crew-List of others in his or her area of interest is but one example.
  • How many times have you been asked for your resume to be mailed or FAXED to someone for consideration on an upcoming position? Well now you can Email your profile link to them for immediate display.
  • Industry professionals in growing numbers are putting together Demo Reels which in the past required great expense in duplication, mailings etc. Well, why not give them at least a "first look" Online and save the hassle and expense?
  • As you take the Crew-List.net Tour, we are sure you will readily see the potential this program has to offer. With many enhancements coming all the time, We are confident you will quickly see why IndustryCentral's Crew-List.net is The Internet's Most Advanced Crew-Listing Service.

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