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(A) Crew-List.net Referral Program
  • Simply send an Email with your Case Sensitive Crew-List Username to the friend or associate you are referring. Or use the convenient form we have provided for you!
  • Suggest in your own words the advantages of Crew-List Membership.
  • Make sure you give them the URL of IndustryCentral's Crew-List.net .
  • When they sign up for their "FREE Basic Listing" and use your Username as the Referring Member, your account will be credited.
  • If and when your colleague Upgrades to a PAID "Full Membership", you will receive your 20% Referral Credit which can be redeemed when you Renew your current membership.
    If your referrals exceed your renewal dues in one membership period, we will send you the balance, which means that you can MAKE MONEY for your referrals!
  • Note: All new members are required to meet our standard professional criteria, have their Credits verified and be approved, before they may receive membership status!

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