Not all visual effects are comprised of CGI. Here we take a look at a recent feature film that relied heavily on physical prop making and practical effects.

Approaching the Unknown, Mark Elijah Rosenberg's film about an astronaut whose Mars journey does not go according to plan, combines old school non-CGI special effect techniques with new-fangled equipment to create a completely unique and hyper-realistic "space" atmosphere. The Creators Project goes behind the scenes to discover how Rosenberg, with the help of legendary special effects specialist master Douglas Trumball were able to create physical models to appear realistic on modern cameras -- and like the film's protagonist, conquer the unknown through daring action.

Approaching the Unknown, a feature length fiction film, written and directed by Mark Elijah Rosenberg. Released theatrically by Paramount Pictures; now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Starring: Mark Strong, Luke Wilson, Sanaa Lathan, Anders Danielsen Lie, Charles Baker.

Supported by the Sundance Institute, Creative Capital, Cinereach, The San Francisco Film Society, the Jerome Foundation, and the recipient of the NHK Screenwriting Award. 

Approaching the Unknown (formerly Ad Inexplorata) is a philosophical sci-fi film about a man exploring the limits of human experience to appreciate that the mysteries of the universe will always be ineffable. Here is the trailer...