Sense of Scale Documentary: Star Trek Model Makers

Janna Miesner • 29 December 2021
Sense of Scale documentary: Star Trek Model Makers

We thought you'd enjoy this fascinating excerpt from the "Sense of Scale Documentary", a page dedicated to and promoting a Documentary about movie miniature model effects artists and their work.

I will put this second part of STAR TREK TMP here for now... STAR TREK The Motion Picture (1979) miniature effects. (Part 2). Patrick Mcclung, Mark Stetson, Ron Gress, Greg Jein, Lisa Morton, Leslie Ekker, Pete Gerard, and Mike Joyce talk about the miniatures made by EEG and Apogee. Segment from my Sense of Scale documentary. Photos: Virgil Mirano, Mark Stetson, Greg Jein, Lisa Morton, Leslie Ekker, Andy Probert, Michael Middleton, Glenn Campbell, Pete Gerard, Douglas Trumbull, Robert Abel, Doug Drexler, Jim Dow, Magicam, Future General, Apogee, Paramount

From the Sense of Scale: Documentary on Facebook.