Janna Miesner

On the eve of Sarah Jones' Birthday!
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Safety for Sarah -
I’m writing this just a few hours away from Sarah Jones’ birthday, September 22nd. This, or course, invokes many memories of Sarah. Of the rich life she led. But allow me to jump to some scary memories.
On several occasions she called us in the middle of the night, let’s say at 2:00 AM. Driving home from a long shot she would call us and ask to just converse with her so that she would not fall asleep as she drove. As a side note, we imbedded into our children to call us, no matter the time, when they were in need. So, we were always grateful that Sarah would wake us in order to help her get home.
Shortly before Sarah met with her tragic death, she told me that she had just watched Haskell Wexler’s film “Who Needs Sleep”. She was concerned with the absurd and unsafe hours that were demanded of film crews. A fear that her mother and I understood in our prayers that she would make it home, once again, safely.
Shortly after Sarah’s death I had the opportunity to meet Haskell Wexler and to discuss his 12 on / 12 off philosophy. He clearly was concerned and shared that concern with me.
Now please understand that I am not of the film industry, and I am not familiar with the details of the important negotiations that are currently occurring. But I do understand and can personally relate to the vital concerns of working absurd hours, day after day, to the point of being downright dangerous.
The ‘Sarah Jones Film Foundation’ and it's ‘Safety For Sarah’ efforts were formed to make the industry that Sarah so loved a safe and freeing environment to help create wonderful films. But, at the end of the day, a piece of entertainment is not worth life!
So in short, these absurd long hours need to be stopped, before we loose yet more lives. We don’t need more parents celebrating their child’s birthday… without the child!
Happy Birthday Angel Sarah! We so miss you.
Your Poppa.
Richard Jones