Victoria E. (Vicki) Rhodes

Around the world, in the Entertainment Industry, there is one name that is more famous than any other, and it's very likely a name that most regular people have never heard of. Only if you make your living on a set have you heard, "This is the Abby Singer!". Crew members become more alert, there is a pep to their step, the signal has been given!
The "Abby Singer" is the shot before the last shot of the day, which is called "The Martini", because the next shot would be in your glass at home. Abby Singer, an Assistant Director and Production Manager famously coined the saying, "This and one more", for the shooting day's end, and so that shot became known as "The Abby Singer". I have spoken to people in many countries far and wide and they all use this terminology even if some have no idea why.
Abby Singer was so well loved and respected, that a plaque was put up at the Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood dedicating a building to his career. It reads:
Abby Singer began his entertainment career on this studio lot in 1946 for Columbia Pictures. For the next eleven years, he advanced to the position of assistant director working in both feature films and television productions. Abby became legendary by creating one of the most famous lines uttered by film makers around the world, "This shot and one more." It quickly became known as "the Abby Singer", signaling to crew and management that the end of the work day was near.
Celebrating more than sixty years as an assistant director, production manager, executive in charge of production, producer, instructor at the American Film Institute, and many years of distinguished service to the Directors Guild of America, we respectfully dedicate this building in his honor.
Today as in days past, scores have said:
Robert Papazian
CEO, Sunset Gower Studios
May 17, 2007
Abby Singer passed away in 2014, but his legacy lives on!
ABBY, WE SALUTE YOU! You became a legend in your own time!
Abner "Abby" Singer  honorarium in perpetuum