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From Jim Plannette on FB - Wonderful!

I just saw It’s a Wonderful Life at the AMC Century City. It was a Fathom Event. I can’t remember the last time I saw it on the big screen. The audience loved it.

My Dad, Homer was the Gaffer on the movie in 1946. When the movie was finished, they had a Wrap Picnic. You brought your whole family. There were row boats and foot races. I’ve never been very athletic, but I ran in a race and came in third. Jimmy Stewart presented me with a dollar and said, “And you ran in your bare feet.”

At the end, we gathered for a group photo. The camera was on a tripod about 10’ high. The photographer climbed a ladder and started turning a handle. It was the first Wide-Lux. As the lens moved across the crowd, Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra, who were on the left side, ran around the back to the right side, so they are on both sides of the photograph.

My Mom is wearing sun glasses and on her left is my Dad. I’m right in front of him.
Seventy-six years ago, but unforgettable.