Janna Miesner
Janna Miesner

Raise and extend Unemployment benefits for those affected by the WGA and SAG strikes.

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Started by: Farah Bunch ,

Crew members, vendors, and other affiliated workers in the entertainment industry have been forced out of work for over seven months now with no end in sight. We are facing financial ruin with no opportunity to work. The EDD benefits max amount of $450 a week and are ending for most people. That amount is not even close to paying something a person can live off of, when an average one bedroom apartment rents for $2800 a to $3600 month in Los Angeles. In NYC it’s even more. With interest rates the highest they have been in over 20 years, credit cards and loans aren’t options. We need our benefits increased in California, not just during this strike but for the future going forward to match the cost of living with Los Angeles, being the second most expensive city in America to live. The government has reassessed minimum wage, why not unemployment benefits?

This is an economic emergency. It’s time for government intervention. Please sign and share to get the attention of Karen Bass and Gavin Newsom, and Kathy Hochul in New York (This is also a problem in New York). Thank you for signing and sharing!

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