Welcome to the new Crew List Community

Cecil B. DeMille
Cecil B. DeMille honorarium in perpetuum • 21 July 2021
Welcome to the new Crew List Community

After almost 2 years in development, Crew List is now live... Hooray!

We are simply thrilled to bring you this exciting (and long overdue) news! We have completely redesigned Crew List and are in the process of migrating our valued members and welcoming new ones into the new system.

First launched in March of 2001, the new (AND FREE) Crew List offers so much more than the original. The new version has been structured as a Social Media Platform specifically for people who work in the Motion Picture & Television Industry, except devoid of all the politics and divisiveness of other general audience platforms. Only subjects of professional interest within each member's discipline and of the community in general are allowed.

Crew List, even from its beginnings, has been structured like that of a Motion Picture & Television Crew. It was developed based upon an amalgamation of several Major Studios' budget forms with each of the job functions "grouped" within its appropriate Department.

Many of our original (Legacy) members, having come from 51 Countries around the globe, have been with us since the beginning years, have come aboard and have now been joined by many new members.

You may be Cast/Talent or Crew, an active working professional, a retired veteran of the industry with great wisdom to depart, new to the business, or even a student dedicated to a career in this industry. Either way we encourage your Free Membership as (unlike other platforms) we appreciate the stories, images and valued memories of those with any level experience in this wonderful industry.

The application process requires certain fields be answered that help us determine your qualifications for membership. We do this to protect the integrity of our membership and insure that only serious individuals, who will make positive contributions are allowed among our membership. Once those required fields are completed, you may submit your registration application for approval. However, we also as that you complete as many of the other fields either during the registration process or as soon after approval as possible.

Once you submit your application, you will receive an email instructing you to login with a temporary password. We ask that you please complete as many of the Profile fields as you can as this becomes your online Profile that others members (only) can see.

Once approved, if you wish to have us pull your IMDb Credits and format them for you into your Member Profile, we are happy to do so by request. Just select "Please enter and format my IMDb Credits" in the Contact Us form and be sure to include the link to your IMDb Page in the message.

We look forward to your learning and taking advantage of what our new website has to offer. In order to get started, we highly recommend that you visit and read through the helpful User Manual "Callsheet" that is linked at in the footer menu of the website which will help you understand the Crew List Platform!

Thank you in advance for your participation in the Crew List Community!

Best Regards,

Crew List Team