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Hal Roach Studios was an American motion picture and television production studio. Known as "The Laugh Factory" to the World, it was originally founded by producer Hal Roach and business partners Dan Linthicum and I.H. Nance as the Rolin Film Company in Culver City, CA on July 23, 1914.

During the filming of 1934's "Babes In Toyland" starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy at the then renamed Hal Roach Studios, two sound stages had to be combined in order to get both sections of Toyland's main street in a single scene. The soundproofed set measured 250 x 500 feet.

On completion of the picture, Hal Roach made the City of Los Angeles a present of the "Toyland Street", including its unique structures to be erected at a children's playground in Griffith Park.

The film with the set's buildings painted in vivid storybook colors, was not shot in the popular color motion picture process, Technicolor, but rather was originally produced in sepiatone and later colorized.